Hayman Reese 5300 – (Time Based or Solid state type)

Like all controllers, the time-based unit receives a signal when the stop lights are activated. The amount of electrical current that is then directed to the trailer brakes is usually dependent on the adjustment of the power and time settings on the controller. A time-based controller always applies the trailer brakes in the same way each time unless the power or time adjustment is changed.

For normal or average braking conditions it may be possible to adjust this type of controller to provide reasonable braking. However, when the braking requirements vary from that for which the controller is set, the amount of trailer braking can either be too light or too severe as the controller has no way of knowing that the conditions have changed.



Hayman Reese 5900 Guardian IQ

With a touch of a button, be in complete control of what you tow

Plug & Tow technology, pre-assembled wiring harness and snap-in dash mounting kit for easy installation and quick disconnects.

Braking power for up to 3 axles

Works proportionally in reverse.

Self leveling mechanism – no level adjustment necessary.

At last, an intelligent braking system has arrived, allowing you the control you need in every towing situation. Introducing the new Hayman Reese Guardian® IQ brake controller – the latest in towing technology with brake control for up to 3 axles. The Guardian® IQ is a fully proportional trailer braking system delivering power to the trailer brakes in direct ratio to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle. The unit also works proportionally in reverse for backing into tight spots.

The Hayman Reese Guardian® IQ is loaded with features to improve control over your towed vehicle. Equipped with three level “Boost” functionality, Guardian® IQ allows you to incrementally increase the sensitivity of the brake control’s inertial sensor further enhancing the participation of trailer brakes during a brake event. With a push of a button you can quickly change the Boost setting to optimise your unit to cope with your towing situation, driving preference as well as the condition of your trailer brakes. The 2 digit LED readout will continuously keep you informed by depicting the electrical connection status, amount of voltage delivery to the trailer brakes as well as self diagnosing features providing you with optimal visibility.



The Guardian® IQ is convenient in every situation. It ensures speedy, problem-free installations by providing “Plug & Tow” port for 2-plug adapters, pre assembled wiring harnesses as well as an innovative snap-in dash mounting kit. The quick release disconnect feature allows you to remove and store the unit when not in use. Boasting a built in self leveling mechanism the Guardian® IQ guarantees that no level adjustment is necessary, giving you more time on the road. All Hayman Reese brake controllers are covered by a 3 year warranty.